June 2016: Dr Bunhead’s Zombie Puppet Lab

June 2016: Science of the Seashore

June 2016: Science of the Seashore

We found lots of exciting and really interesting creatures at this year’s Dunbar Science Club’s Science of the Seashore!

May 2016: ComputerXplorers – Clay animation

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest and most fun animation techniques. Learn all the skills necessary to create your own animation to watch at home. Watch out ComputerXplorers here comes Wallace and Gromit!

May 2016: Travelling Plant Menagerie

How does your Garden Lane grow? Creative workshop with Kathy Beckett. Come and join the John Muir Artist in Residence Kathy Beckett to discover how dyes are made from native and wild dye plants, shrubs and trees. Use these dyes and green twigs to draw ideas for the design of a natural garden. Then sow […]

March 2016: “The Physics Spy Mission” by the University of Edinburgh’s Moray House School of Education

” You and your team have been sent to steal the new rocket from the evil and mad Professor Hood! Find out how science can help your team be the first to steal that rocket! “

February 2016: “Slime Labs” by Be Experimental

“We will explore the amazing properties of polymers in the slime lab! The lab involves playing with fake snow, investigating a paddling pool full of goo to find out how it is a solid and a liquid at the same time, and making gummy worms. We will experiment with making the perfect slime and find out the […]

January 2016: “Things that go up” by Eureka Edinburgh

“Things that go up” by Eureka Edinburgh.

December 2015: ComputerXplorers – Write and publish your own music!

October 2015: Spooky Science Craft

October 2015: Spooky Science Craft

Our October workshop was all about printing your very own Spooky T-Shirt! The Science Club children used stencils and fabric ink to design their own spooktastic T-Shirt print! This workshop was run by the amazing Anna Davis (our fantastic local artist) from Inprint.

October 2015: Meet the Ancestors (Archaeology)

October 2015: Meet the Ancestors (Archaeology)

Dunbar and the surrounding area has some of the richest archaeological and historical remains in Scotland. Did you know that at East Barns the oldest house in Scotland was excavated? In this workshop the Science Club children looked at the ways archaeologists find out about people in the past from the objects they have left […]