October 2013: Making Slime for Halloween

October 2013: Making Slime for Halloween

Photo diary.  

Adjusting the hangers. Almost ready!

December 2012: Bridge Building

With apologies for the Christmas-induced delay, here are the pictures from our great bridge-building day in December. Hopefully they were worth the wait! For this workshop we welcomed Andrew Collins, a Civil Engineer with his wonderful bridge building props and amazing, enormous suspension bridge model. We started out talking about the different stresses bridges are […]

Bob's Star Chart

November 2012: Astronomy

Two groups of excited and enthusiastic children met in Halhill for an evening of stargazing with Bob Kibble- huge thanks to Bob for providing us with this fascinating workshop. We were also lucky to get breaks in the cloud (for the first group) and rain (for the second) that allowed us out to see the […]

May 2012: Science of the Seashore

May 2012: Science of the Seashore

What a glorious day! Summer arrived just in time for the gathering on East Beach armed with nets, buckets, trays, shorts and picnics. Marine biologists Dee and Ali Davison and Bill Sanderson, along with our Countryside Ranger Tara Sykes, took four groups out to the rockpools along Meikle Spiker by the old harbour. Surefootedness was […]

Swirling the white chocolate to give a marbled effect

April 2012: The Science of Chocolate

A little late, so for our avid fans, apologies for the delay! The school holidays being upon us, we were made welcome at the Dunbar Day Centre, which worked out perfectly with the kitchen easy to hand and the television room for viewing the chocolate process video (with extra thanks to Tim Sangster for technical […]

March 2012: Forensic Detectives

March 2012: Forensic Detectives

Another fascinating workshop where we learnt about forensic techniques, and got to be detectives ourselves, in the Case of the Missing Ice-Cream. First we learned about fingerprints, and how nearly everyone (identical twins excepted of course!) has a pattern of ridges on their skin unique to them. We looked at our own fingerprints by rubbing […]

Tin Foil Robot

February 2012: Robotics

One of the most exciting sessions yet was brought to us by Dr Jim Herd of Heriot Watt University and his Robokids project. A short talk about robots had us thinking about how they work, and the different sort of tasks they can be used for. Jim had brought a variety of robots with him […]

December 2011: From Atoms to Molecules

December 2011: From Atoms to Molecules

Despite a slightly Christmas-depleted turnout, plenty of small eager faces awaited Sandy and Lorna Smith and their boxes of model-making supplies on Saturday. Sandy began by explaining about atoms and how they join together to make molecules, what different molecules can be used for, and the meanings of their long and interesting names. Next we […]

The hedgehog hide

October 2011: Metabolism and Migration

The Science Club was born of the amazing success of the Dunbar Science Festival earlier this year, when literally thousands of fascinated children, parents, and people of Dunbar were treated to a window into the fantastic world of science. There was a huge demand for the excitement and momentum to carry on throughout the year, […]