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December 2011: From Atoms to Molecules

December 2011: From Atoms to Molecules

Despite a slightly Christmas-depleted turnout, plenty of small eager faces awaited Sandy and Lorna Smith and their boxes of model-making supplies on Saturday. Sandy began by explaining about atoms and how they join together to make molecules, what different molecules can be used for, and the meanings of their long and interesting names. Next we […]

Our rocket is ready!

November 2011: Rockin’ Rockets on Guy Fawkes

The second of Dunbar Science Club’s Saturday morning workshop sessions went off with a bang! We were really lucky to have a visitor called Bob Kibble from Edinburgh University who knows all about rockets and gave us a fantastic morning’s fun. The children had a chance make some brilliant rockets out of paper, glue and […]

The hedgehog hide

October 2011: Metabolism and Migration

The Science Club was born of the amazing success of the Dunbar Science Festival earlier this year, when literally thousands of fascinated children, parents, and people of Dunbar were treated to a window into the fantastic world of science. There was a huge demand for the excitement and momentum to carry on throughout the year, […]