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October 2017: Organ Dissection

October 2017: Denny and the T team Fight Cancer!

September 2017: ComputerXplorers Create your own comic book

Join us for another fun-packed club where you will be writing and designing your very own comic book. Using innovative comic book software, digital art and your very own photos to illustrate your own comic. Be creative; be inspired; be a superhero!

June 2017: Animates

Animates is a fun, interactive, and hands-on learning programme which aims to highlight the ever increasing environmental issues and dangers our planet and it’s animals continue to face. We introduce endangered species that are likely to become extinct in even our lifetime unless something is done. To do this animates offers educational workshops for schools, […]

June 2017: ComputerXplorers Snap Circuits!

Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun! Learn how to build exciting projects such as a flying saucer; alarms; doorbells and much more! You can even play electronic games with your friends!

May 2017: Dustbin Detectives! The Archaeology of Rubbish

So you think you have what it takes to be an archaeologist? Do you know that most of what archaeologists do involves looking through other people’s rubbish?! Come along to this workshop and help us investigate a whole load of people’s ancient (and not so ancient!) rubbish and see what we can work out about […]

April 2017: East Lothian Rangers and the hunt for mini-beasts!

Join the Rangers to find what lurks beneath the leaf litter, who lives in the nooks and crannies of bark and learn about camouflage! Let the mini-beast hunting commence!

March 2016: Dr Bunhead’s Wacky Races

In the workshop we learnt how air can move an object forward, during the workshop we made a vehicle(a car, skateboard etc.)out of cardboard. I made a car structure. We then attached wheels from recycled bottle tops on wooden sticks using straws and a drill! We then attached a ballon to a straw and then […]

February 2017: Who you callin’ Airhead?! by Eureka Edinburgh

Who you callin’ Airhead?! by Eureka Edinburgh 25th February 2017 Steve has a new hobby. He’s a bit of an air head. Long suffering friend Barbara wants to know more, though soon she’ll wish she’d never asked. Join them for the World premiere of this ridiculous adventure of nonsense, one-upmanship and hovercrafts*. Who knows? You […]

February 2017: Cassius the Crab with Wild Planet Explorers

Fun, educational and interactive session about the amazing lives of crabs. Learn all kinds of amazing biology facts about crabs!