November 2011: Rockin’ Rockets on Guy Fawkes

The second of Dunbar Science Club’s Saturday morning workshop sessions went off with a bang! We were really lucky to have a visitor called Bob Kibble from Edinburgh University who knows all about rockets and gave us a fantastic morning’s fun.
The children had a chance make some brilliant rockets out of paper, glue and a little blu-tac!! A special launching device was brought in from Edinburgh University to help launch the rockets!! (Actually it was some pipe and a plastic juice bottle)!!

Actually it was some pipe and a plastic juice bottle

Our rocket is ready!

Our rocket is ready!

The school stage at the John Muir campus was used as a launching platform and as the countdown to each rocket launch started the excitement grew. The children discovered that as they pushed the air into the paper rockets they shot forward – some went an amazing distance!!!

The countdown begins!

The countdown begins!

After their practice launch the children had a chance to try and hit a target. Two adults bravely held the target in place as the rockets were launched. It was fantastic fun and some rockets even hit the bulls eye!!

Then Bob showed the children how we can use air pressure to launch a water rocket. We all went outside and the rocket (another plastic bottle – from Dunbar Rocket Club!) was sent into the air by pumping air into it from a foot pump. We all stood well back so we didn’t get wet– although a couple of people didn’t quite stand far enough back!!!!

The countdown begins!

Click the image above to see the rocket in action!!

For the older children there was an added extra treat as Audrey showed us some fabulous ‘Fruit-shoot’ rockets! Easy to do at home using Alka-Seltzer and washing up liquid – just don’t get too close!! The older children also impressed with their scientific knowledge – even getting into discussions about Sir Isaac Newton!!

Everyone who attended the sessions seemed to have a great time. Thanks to Bob and all the helpers for their time and enthusiasm. Next session we are going small-scale, looking at Atoms and Molecules on 10th December.

Thanks to Anne Marie Gibson for the blog post.

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