Freya McLachlan

November 2014: ComputerXplorers Minecraft

Science Club Minecraft workshop

It was great! It was fun to play around in a virtual World and explore the biomes (a large area like a forest, jungle or savannah). You had to complete quests and find chests with treasure inside. If you were struggling, Jayne who ran the workshop, would give you a gift of a Minecraft item. The first task was to build a house and for that Jayne gave everyone 8 glass panes and 64 pieces of wooden planks. To build my house I dug underground, I dug out holes in the side and placed glass panes in the holes. After that you had to make crafting table. A crafting table allows you to make more complicated tools like an axe, shovel and other helpful items. I placed the crafting table in my house. Our next task was to craft a bed. For this task Jayne gave everyone some wool so we could craft the beds. To craft a bed you have to put a row of wooden planks and a row of wool in your crafting table and it forms a bed that you can collect and place down in the world. I placed my bed down in my house so I could then use it. After that I went mining for ores (e.g. iron, gold, diamond and red stone) that can help you with building and making more complicated items.  When I went mining I found lots of gold, red stone and iron which was brilliant!

The next quest was to find the wrecked pirate ship. I went inside when I found it. I found a chest full of iron shovels and I found people had built their houses inside too.

As you went around the world you found lots of different things. One thing I found was a sign saying village Kalhade. I was searching around and I found a massive pool of water and lily pads instead of a village.

When I was trying to find my way back to my house I found a snow biome and some ice there too.

The next quest was to find the castle and sand temple. Some people found the castle really quickly but it took me ages to find. I couldn’t find a door when I found it, so I had to climb the walls of vines to get inside. It was worth it because I found 6 gold blocks and that is really lucky because they are so precious. However, I didn’t have time to find the sand temple because it was the end of the workshop. It was fun playing, questing and finding treasure. I would love to do it again.


Another player in Minecraft virtual world


My team mate and I finding a secret cave



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