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June 2015: Antibiotic Resistance

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Today at science club we learned all about bacteria and what they do. It was amazing. We learned all about bacteria that we have in our body and not in our body. After that we got to play a great card game. It is just like the top trumps game and it was really really fun.

After that we played again and then at the end we answered some complicated questions that we had to remember from the game, like which bacteria causes food poisoning or what causes diarrhea.


At the end of the session, Carla (the young lady that was taking the science club) showed us the other game she and her friend had made. It was a computer version of the card game. We all got a turn to play. The app will be on the App Store at the end of the year, make sure to get it – it is free and it is called ‘Bacteria Combat’.





Just when we were about to leave, Carla gave everyone a pack of the card game ‘Bacteria Combat’ to take home, so they could play with their family and friends!

This science club was really fun, so make sure to come to the next one and I bet it will be as much fun as this one has been!

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