Freya McLachlan

Dunbar SciFest 5th/6th March 2016

Dunbar SciFest was great, there were so many great exciting workshops! One of the workshops was Animates. In that workshop you were able to handle corn snakes, bearded dragons, and sunshine beetles, which was amazing.

There were lots of drop-ins and workshops, such as ComputerXplorers and EDF Energy. At EDF Energy, you learnt how to put out a fire with an extinguisher. That was really fun! There was also a marine biology section where you got to handle lobsters and spider crabs.


There were great stage shows too. One was the Arithmatrix which was a great Math magic show. The magician also had a stall where you could buy all his magic tricks and learn his secrets.

An extra great fun thing was the photo booth where you dressed up in astronaut helmets, wigs and lab coats etc. It was fun especially the five second change photos. After the first photo you had five seconds to dress up differently before the next photo and so on!!

Dunbar Science Festival was so much fun and there were so many great things to do. Come next time!

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