Freya McLachlan

March 2016: Dr Bunhead’s Wacky Races

In the workshop we learnt how air can move an object forward, during the workshop we made a vehicle(a car, skateboard etc.)out of cardboard. I made a car structure. We then attached wheels from recycled bottle tops on wooden sticks using straws and a drill! We then attached a ballon to a straw and then attached it to the model car. To get the car moving you blew up the balloon that was attached to the car then let it go, the force from the air from the balloon pushing through the small straw it propelled the car forward. It took a few goes to get the car to run straight. My balloon also got a puncture halfway through so there was a lot of fixing to get the cars running smoothly. After everyone had their cars ready we lined them up and let them go. Whoever’s car reached the end of the room or who’s reached there first one. My car one the race, I think it did because I had a triangle ‘nose’ at the front of the car.

I really enjoyed the workshop, it was fun and we learnt all about how air travels, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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