Do I qualify for a free place?

Back in 2012, the Dunbar Rotary Club very kindly presented the Science Club with a cheque to support attendance of the Science Club by disadvantaged children. Very many thanks to the Rotary Club for this!

Dunbar Rotary Club's kind donation to the Science Club.

Dunbar Rotary Club’s kind donation to the Science Club.

If your family receives income support (your child received free school meals under the old government scheme), you’re eligible to select “I qualify for a free place” when you book into a Dunbar Science Club workshop.

If you’ve selected “I qualify for a free place”, we automatically put a tick in the paid column next to your child’s name on our workshop sign-in sheet. Your place is marked as paid, so you can grab your name sticker and head on into our workshop!

If you have any questions, please get in touch