2016 – 2017 programme

29th October 2016 No Workshop
12th November 2016  No Workshop
26th November 2016  No Workshop
10th December 2016  No Workshop
14th January 2017  No Workshop
28th January 2017  Computer Xplorers – NASA Mission with Augmented Reality
4th February 2017  Cassius the Crab with Wild Planet Explorers
25th February 2017  Eureka Edinburgh “Who you callin’ Airhead?!
18th March 2017  No Workshop
25th March 2017 Dr Bunhead’s Wacky Races
22nd April 2017  ELC Rangers
13th May 2017  No Workshop
27th May 2017 Dustbin Detectives! The Archaeology of Rubbish
10th June 2017 ComputerXplorers – Snap Circuits
24th June 2017 Animates
9th September 2017 ComputerXplorers – “Comic Book Design”
23rd September 2017 UoE MRC Centre for Inflammation Research –
“Denny and the T team fight Cancer”